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Lenny Kravitz, Lissie

Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA
Jan 31, 2008
By Thaise

The Love Revolution Tour hit Boston, with much anticipation, to a sold out crowd. The doors opened and fans seemed to swarm in non-stop. Lissie opened to a more than half full auditorium and charmed us with her coy, playful attitude as she attempted to take a picture of the audience. Her inability to get the flash to go off somehow made me like her instantly. This Illinois native made me feel like she was in my living room drinking a beer and telling stories. Her down to earth personality shined through her music which seemed like an edgy, modern take on the folk genre. Her voice and music seemed to me like a cross between Jewel, with her sweet tones and upbeat guitar, and Dresden Dolls, with a lyrical slap in the face to anyone who wishes to push conformity or just plain make her mad. All in all, from Bright Side to Hey Boy I was pleasantly pleased with Lissie, to the point where I bought her CD and went home and added her to my MySpace friends list.

The rest of the audience was on time for the main act. This was a new experience for me as I am used to people wandering in half way through the show, almost as if saying they were there was the same as actually experiencing the full effect of the atmosphere from start to finish. How can anyone truly experience a live performance if they’re not there from the beginning, when the connection between audience and performer is first made, and the flirtation begins? I guess they all knew what I was about to experience at my first Lenny Kravitz show. The beginning truly was a flirtation as Lenny came to the stage with an air of confidence, he looked out over the audience through his sunglasses and began the passionate dance immediately. His suave movements across the stage and in front of the microphone, his fingers gliding effortlessly through the riffs on his guitar, his lips puckered as he sang, inviting the crowd into his soul. It’s easy to see how this man is a sex symbol, with his looks, confidence, and saxophone backup, what woman wouldn’t be wet for him!

Though his time on stage was short it was certainly savored. He managed to give us our moneys worth, packing the hour and half full with classic Lenny favorites such as American Woman, Lady, and Mr Cab Driver. And then sitting down to the piano to grace us with I’ll Be Waiting from his new Love Revolution album. The audience got an extra special gift as Lenny wandered through the crowd giving high fives and touching every person he could. I have to admit, I reached out and touched his shoulder; and it made the butterflies flutter to feel his muscular form underneath the black pleather jacket. But I digress. Lenny finished off the evening with a call to arms of sorts. “We have to be so inspiring, we have to be so strong, that we can change the hearts of those greedy Mother Fuckers that rule the world… I’m sorry, I take that back, this is a Love Revolution…” and he went on to ask us to make the first step of every morning one step toward spreading love, hope, and peace. I know that as I left I was definitely feeling the love… as well the memory of his shoulder under my fingertips.

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