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The Reading Festival~Sahara Hotnights, Vex Red, The Hives, The Cooper Temple Clause, Saves The Day, Foo Fighters

A Massiver Field, Reading, England
Aug 24, 2002
By Chico

Sahara Hotnights - Main Stage

Another day, another Scandinavian band beginning on the playlist. This sassy four piece girl band proved to be another promising Swedish 'set piece'. Maria Elisabeth Andersson, Jennie Maria Asplund, Johanna Asplund and Karin Ewa Josephine Forsman. These are the name's of this hot, Swedish pop-punk band. There was a soothing and relaxing sweetness from this band. The music seemed to levitate the hung-over feeling from the night before and sink it into bliss relaxation. Unfortunately unaware of much of the material played, yet fortunately available to a live gig that has given me no reason not to go out and buy their latest LP; 'Jenny Bomb'.

Chico's Rating - 2/5

Vex Red - Main Stage

A solid performance, totally unexpected. 'Start With A Strong and Persistent Desire' is Vex Red's initial LP, released March 2002. 'Can't Smile' is their flagship single. It seems that bands that fill their music with creamy emotion have two outcomes as a live performance, outstanding or disheartening. These five lads from England have certainly proved not to create the later outcome. Terry Abbott, the lead singer, really touched the audience for the praise they gave to the shining performance. Behind the naked drumming from Ben Calvert and the home video taping, there was some brilliance in the music played. Calvert's speed on the percussion is of some sheer excellence, it must be noted.

Chico's Rating - 4/5

The Hives - Main Stage

I could turn blue and yellow after the first two days at Reading! Sweden hits me again! This time with a more familiar band, for every audience. Pella and his team hit the stage in their retro suits, with hungry confidence. Camp attitude and utter determination was Pella's game and he certainly added humour to the garage sound of his colleagues instruments. Pella, swinging off the scaffolding and announcing the greatness of The Hives, wanting applause from the audience; just rocked! Some would say Mick Jagger. I'd say just a true rock star with a lot of sugar running through his blood. 'Die, Alright!', 'Main Offender' and 'Hate To Say I Told You So' stormed the mainly topless audience, and they thundered back.

Chico's Rating - 3/5

The Cooper Temple Clause - Evening Session Stage

This band is truly the type you cannot compare with any other. Their studio rhythm, their onstage presence, their hair. The Cooper Temple Clause, new from the English market; were truly one of the most anticipated bands of the weekend. The opener, 'Did You Miss Me'? was so chilling you could actually feel ice settle on your static eyelids. Then of course was the adrenaline rush of 'Let's Kill Music', 'Been Training Dogs', 'Film-Maker' and 'Panzer Attack'. The sudden appearance of men in denim with Gallagher haircuts could make one think it was 1995 again, just with a bit more spice. Ben, Kieran, Tom, Didz, Dan and Tom. These six lads will certainly be giving their audience some unexpected, yet relished finishes to their live set's of the future.

Chico's Rating - 4/5

[ yeah our little angel didn't have a drop till Saturday evening ]

Saves The Day - The Concrete Jungle Stage

Saves The Day certainly had concrete to stand on for their performance. The rain outside the tent had probably pushed a huger audience than they would have expected. Most of this audience in fact; probably unaware that the 'roadies' setting the stage up were in fact the band. Chris Conley got going, and didn't stop; which was slightly disappointing. It seemed as if the band were either nervous (unlikely for the professionalism of today) or simply not interested in commentating on the ambience the audience provided. Nevertheless a lot of material was covered, and the sound was of an advantage to their lack of commitment to the audience. Conley's voice had a good rhythm and never seemed to falter.

Chico's Rating - 2/5

Foo Fighters - Main Stage

Cult. This is the status the Foo Fighters now have, globally. The significance of Grohl's history was their ignition, and of course a massive help in igniting the Foo Fighter flame, which is now an earth sized fire. But of course Krist Novoselic had the same option, and the end result is far from being as epic as the Foo Fighters now are. 'Foo Fighters', 'The Colour And The Shape', 'There Is Nothing Left To Lose' and the upcoming release. This is the string of discography, now would they implement the material to it's full potential, once again onstage. Naturally. This event was so energetic it could have been a fuelled combination of kerosine and ketamine. Grohl really did have a connection with this set of 'children'. It was his fifth appearance at the Reading Festival and he appreciated every last bit of it. To see a gig finished with 'Everlong' is something quite different. This calypspo and paradise of a set was surreal. The audience utmost appreciation of the performance matched that of the Foo Fighter's. The beauty and chemical smile of the finishing firework display could have ignited many tears in the audience.

Chico's Rating - 5/5

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